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Are You Tired Of Your Bunions?

Does it make it more difficult to find shoes or make you not want to wear shoes that show your feet? Lapiplasty 3D Bunion Correction can help you get rid of that unslightly bump.

A bunion isn’t just a bump that can be shaved off, it’s a malalignment between the bone in your foot that meets the big toe. As the big toe moves more to your 2nd toe, that toe can develop into a hammertoe. Arthritis in the big toe joint can also contribute to a bunion.

Bunions aren’t caused by certain types of shoes but they sure can be aggravated by them! Genetics can contribute to why you get your bunions.

Bunions are a progressive deformity and cannot be resolved conservatively. However, in earlier stages of bunions development devices such as orthotics and help control the biomechanics that can contribute to bunions development. Cushions and spacers may help keep you be more comfortable but it doesn’t correct the deformity.

Effectively Treat Bunions

Lapiplasty can be used for bunions that are mild to severe to get reproducible results. The recovery for this procedure allows you to walk earlier in the boot than traditional bunion surgeries.

However, because it requires doctors to complete specialized training from Treace Medical Concepts, Inc., the manufacturers of the Lapiplasty system, it is only available at select practices, including Foot and Ankle Specialists of Ames. 

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